6 Things you must know about DUI in San Diego

6 Things you must know about DUI in San Diego

If you read about DUI in San Diego, you would realize that there are many things that you didn’t know about a San Diego DUI.

Criminal Court and the DMV

Being arrested for DUI will likely lead to a court date and surrendering of your license. It also means getting a pink DMV document from the police. You must contact the DMV within ten days from the date of arrest to set a hearing, which will likely be set around your first court date. By then you should be ready to present defenses and that requires a lot of work. A good DUI or criminal defense attorney can help you.

DUI below the BAC limit

As per California law, the legal BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration limit is .08%. But many drivers do not know that they may get a DUI, even if their BAC is below .08%. If the state can prove that your ability to drive was diminished by alcohol, you can be convicted of DUI.

Travel to Canada

If you’re an American citizen and you’re convicted of DUI, you can be barred from entering Canada for up to 10 years.

DUI even when NOT driving

If you are under the influence and “under the actual physical control of your vehicle”, you can still be charged with DUI. If you’re sleeping in the driver seat with the keys in your pocket or in the ignition, you can be charged with DUI. Talk to an experienced DUI lawyer to protect yourself.

The DMV Record

DUI convictions go on people’s driving records for 10 years in California which means the record of the DUI is available to insurance companies for 10 years.

DUI for Prescription Medication

In San Diego, you can be charged with DUI for alcohol, illegal drugs, and even lawfully prescribed medications, and the penalty is the same for all.

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