San Diego DUI Defense Strategies

San Diego DUI Defense Strategies

Hiring an experienced and reliable criminal or DUI defense attorney is the first step in a defense strategy that can make or break your case.

If you wish to protect your driver’s license, consult a qualified San Diego DUI or criminal defense attorney as early as possible. Remember that you only have 10 days to save your license!

Factors in DUI Defense

Your attorney will consider the officer’s account of the arrest, police reports, any recordings or reports of your field sobriety tests. Any food or medication you consumed before or after drinking can also play a role in the rate of alcohol absorbed by your body and can lead to an inaccurate test result.

Your attorney can contest the evidence by showing that –

  • You were not informed you of your rights.
  • The arrest was made just on a suspicion of ‘drunkenness’.
  • The officer falsified the testimony.
  • There are technical errors in your breath, urine and/or blood tests
  • The testing equipment was defective or not used properly
  • You were not given reasonable cause by the officer to give the test
  • You were stopped or illegally arrested by an officer

Why is it Important to Hire a Criminal or DUI Defense Attorney?

Anything about the events of your arrest may be used to challenge your charges. But it takes an experienced attorney to understand which ones. This is why you should seek legal counsel of a San Diego criminal defense attorney right away.

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