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If you think that only a single criminal offense can be charged in a single accident, it is not true. A person can be charged with multiple criminal offenses and face multiple charges due to one accident. That means the person can also face multiple sentences which are not concurrent but consecutive. That means you must serve one sentence after the other. This is why it is recommended that you consult a criminal defense attorney when you face multiple charges.

Here is an example of how multiple offenses can arise out of one accident.

Robert is driving home from a party where he had a few drinks. He thought he only had a few drinks and his blood alcohol level would be below the legal limit. It was rainy evening and on his way home, the car skidded and slammed into a parked car. Afraid of a DUI, Robert drove off. But a witness has seen Robert and called the cops and gave them the car’s license plate. Robert was stopped some distance away from where he hit the other car. He was questioned about the Hit-and-Run, and asked to take a sobriety test. Robert was charged with a Hit-and-Run and a DUI.

Hit-and-Run and DUI are serious charges. The penalties would depend on the extent of damage and past criminal records, if any. But it will also depend upon how the case is presented. There is room for negotiations and argument in such cases. But attempting to do it alone may be a mistake. It’s best to have an experienced attorney on your team who would fight for you!

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