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California voters legalized medical marijuana when they approved Proposition 215, which is also known as the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative. San Diego and San Bernardino counties have never cared for the law though. They think it means they have to condone illegal drug use, and some cities have laws on the books to go after the medical marijuana industry. One such city is Santee. It is illegal to deliver cannabis in the city, even if the cannabis is for medical purposes. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department conducted a sting and caught some medical marijuana delivery drivers breaking that very law. While they were only slapped with misdemeanors, the sting provided a valuable lesson on the state of medical marijuana in San Diego County.

Medical Marijuana Drivers CaseThe Sting

Deputies for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department placed an order for medical marijuana through a dispensary’s website. The deputies sent a doctor’s note and photo IDs and set up a delivery to the Carlton Oaks Golf Club. They wanted to lure the drivers to Santee so they could bust them for breaking the delivery law.

It worked. The department busted six medical cannabis delivery drivers, and the officers seized 12 pounds of cannabis. All six drivers have been charged with misdemeanors.

The Aftermath

The sheriff’s department urges delivery drivers to learn the rules for the various cities they operate in so they don’t break more laws in the future. Each city can set its own laws regarding medical cannabis delivery, and it’s up to the drivers to find out what the laws are prior to making a delivery. If the city doesn’t allow delivery, the dispensary needs to let customers know they have to come in and pick up the medical marijuana. That way, they will be compliant with the law.

While that is sound advice, others think that this was nothing more than a stunt to make the medical cannabis industry look bad. Elizabeth Wilhelm, the President of the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance, claims that law enforcement is just going after the “lowest hanging fruit.” Others weren’t happy with the way police lured the drivers to Santee.

The Danger of Cannabis Delivery

This latest incident is just one in a string of issues facing medical marijuana delivery drivers. Robbers have become a serious issue in California and around the nation. Dispensaries have also been getting robbed, so those who work in the cannabis industry need to take measures to keep themselves safe.

Protecting Yourself Against Misdemeanor Charges

You might think you don’t need legal representation if you’re facing misdemeanor charges, but that is not the case. You should still seek legal representation. You don’t want to have a record, and even misdemeanors can hurt you. Whether you have a misdemeanor related to a cannabis charge or something else, a lawyer can help.

Contact a lawyer and hand your case over to him or her. Your legal team can help you navigate the court system and get the best possible outcome for your case.

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