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Criminal activities are on the rise in San Diego, California, so if you have not already done enough to protect your home and your family, then now is the time to do so. A recent report at Hoodline.com showed that in the latter part of May 2019, theft and assault had risen consistently over several weeks.

One week showed theft incident reports rising to 221, up from 465 the previous week. Assault incident reports went from 73 to 89 reports over that same time. It is wise to keep track of criminal activities in your area and one way to do that is to sign up for a free account at SpotCrime.com.

Checking Out Your Neighborhood for Recent Crimes

Once your account is set up, enter your address in the search bar and you will get a screen of your area showing what types of crime have occurred in your neighborhood. The right side of the screen shows the types of criminal activities by specific icons which are found on the map of your area, letting you know where each has occurred.

Stay on the phone while the police are travelling to your location, so you will know when they have arrived in case they come in without sirens

Scroll further down the web page to see a listing of crimes by day. You can click on one of these reports, which gives you a basic information page about that crime. Click on the “View” link with an arrow next to the Source line to access your police department’s list of crimes for that area by call number as well. Your location setup may be slightly different, so look for your police department online to find their webpage output for local criminal activities by call reports.

Protecting Your Home and Family

Consider installing a video cam system around your home as well as an alarm system. This will help in securing your safety, more so than if you had nothing at all. Make sure you find a system that allows notifications through your smartphone via a connecting app. It should allow you to see where there is a potential problem outside, such as by a window or your car, or inside your home if there is a home invasion.

Your next step is to call the police unless your security system already does that for you. If you know where the problem is occurring, let the police know so they can go right to that area when they get there. Stay on the phone while the police are traveling to your location, so you will know when they have arrived in case they come in without sirens.

Routine Precautions

Make sure all your vehicles are locked. Your driveway or garage should have a light on the cars or over the garage entryways. Always go through the house or apartment to make sure all doors and windows are locked. Install outdoor lights but angled in such a way as to not shine into your neighbor’s windows.

Know Your Neighbors and Neighborhood Watch

If crime is becoming a big issue in your neighborhood, consider getting together to start a neighborhood watch if there is not one yet organized for your area. Your local police will be happy to help you with how to start and safely operate one, including what you can and cannot legally do. Look out for your neighbors by reporting any suspicious activities around their homes.

There are also online neighborhood organizations where residents share information about crimes as well as referring local businesses, such as plumbers, veterinarians, and other great service experiences they have had. Never give out your address though, while posting information.

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