Types of Drug Charges

Types of Drug Charges

Did you know drug charges can be various types? Read on to find out about the most common ones.

Drug paraphernalia refers to tools and equipment used to prepare, store and use illegal drugs. Owning, using, selling, exporting or importing drug paraphernalia is illegal. Drug paraphernalia may include syringes, pipes, rolling papers etc.

Drug Possession Charges

Possession of illegal, controlled substances is a crime. Possession charges can be 2 types –

  • simple possession
  • possession with intent to distribute

Simple possession is charged when an individual possesses a small quantity of drugs s/he is most likely to use personally. On the other hand, possession with the intent to distribute is typically applicable to larger amounts of drugs that shows an intention to sell the drugs. The latter has more severe penalties than simple possession.

Drug Manufacturing and Delivery Charges

If a person is involved in the manufacturing of an illegal substance in any way, s/he can be charged with drug manufacturing. It can result in hefty fines and jail time. The delivery of an illegal drug is also a crime and charged as drug delivery charge.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking is a felony, charged when a person sells, transports, or imports illegal drugs. A drug trafficking charge can result in 3 years to life in prison.

Drug Dealing Charges

Drug dealing charges are in cases where someone is selling illegal drugs on a smaller scale.

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