6 Best DUI Lawyers in San Diego (2024 Picks)

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Best DUI Lawyers in San Diego

Facing a DUI charge in San Diego can be daunting, with potential consequences that could alter your life significantly. If you search online for “best DUI lawyer near me,” you will likely be overwhelmed by the choices presented through ads, directories, and endless lists of San Diego DUI lawyers.

However, not all DUI defense is equal. Marketing budgets often influence advertised results more than legal expertise and proven track records. It’s crucial to discern between visibility and quality when selecting a San Diego DUI attorney to handle your case.

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Why Trust Our Recommendations for a DUI Lawyer in San Diego? 

At The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of DUI defense, backed by years of successful case resolutions. We know the intricacies of DUI laws in California and the nuances that can make or break a case.

We recognize that each DUI case is unique; sometimes, another firm might be better suited to a particular situation. That’s why we have carefully compiled this list of the top DUI lawyers in San Diego. These professionals have been selected based on their expertise, ethical standards, and consistent results in DUI defense.

Whether you choose our firm or another from this list, we want to ensure you can access the best possible defense for your DUI charges in San Diego. This guide isn’t just another directory—it’s a curated selection of the most capable and dedicated DUI attorneys in the area, ready to provide the aggressive representation and personal attention your case requires.

6 Best DUI Lawyers San Diego

1. Kerry Armstrong – The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC

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Kerry Armstrong

As a leading San Diego DUI lawyer, Kerry L. Armstrong offers unmatched defense for those facing DUI charges. He is a certified criminal law specialist by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization. It’s an honor that sets him apart as a DUI defense lawyer.

Numerous accolades, including consistent recognition as a Super Lawyer and inclusion in the prestigious Best Lawyers®, echo his firm’s commitment to legal excellence. Kerry’s successes in court are well-documented, with numerous dismissals and favorable plea bargains that reflect his skill in navigating both the subtleties of DUI law and the complexities of the San Diego County court system. His strategic defense techniques are tailored to each client’s unique situation, ensuring personalized legal representation of the highest quality.

2. Cole Casey – The Law Offices of Casey & Angelos

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Cole Casey

Cole Casey operates exclusively within the DUI and vehicular offense defense niche. Esteemed for his in-depth experience and discerning selection of cases, Casey’s practice is characterized by a highly personalized approach, choosing to represent only those clients who face significant professional or personal stakes due to their charges.

With nearly two decades of exclusive DUI defense practice, Casey has represented a high-profile clientele, including professional athletes, top executives, and other prominent figures, particularly those facing severe repercussions like job loss or license revocation. 

As a recognized authority in DUI law, Casey is a Specialist Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and has served on its Board of Directors. He also contributes as a faculty instructor at the prestigious National College for DUI Defense at Harvard University and is a founding member of the National DUI Defense Lawyers Association.

His accolades include consistent recognition as a Super Lawyer, a testament to his top-tier legal skills and ethical standards, and numerous awards from AVVO, including the “Client’s Choice Award” and a perfect 10/10 rating. 

3. Erik Friis – Superior Law Center

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Erik Fris

Erik Friis brings over twenty years of legal experience to the defense of those accused of DUI in San Diego. A California native, Friis has an intimate understanding of local laws, enabling him to skillfully defend clients in a spectrum of cases, from straightforward DUI charges to complex felonies.

Superior Law Center is renowned for its tailored defense strategies that adapt precisely to the nuances of each client’s situation. The firm prides itself on its aggressive defense tactics and an impressive track record of favorable outcomes, a claim supported by numerous positive testimonials and a consistent history of success. Erik ensures that his clients are heard and fiercely represented, making the firm a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of DUI charges.

4. Jon Pettis – San Diego Defenders

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Jon Pettis

Jon Martin Pettis has been practicing law since 1995. Known for his strategic prowess, Jon often receives concessions from prosecutors that are not typically extended to other defense attorneys, highlighting his reputation as one of the top DUI lawyers in San Diego County. His profound grasp of legal procedures and case law enables him to navigate complex DUI cases easily. 

Respected by state and federal judges, Jon excels in cross-examining expert witnesses, a critical element in DUI trials where the prosecution relies heavily on technical evidence. 

5. Joshua Price – Defending Rights Law Center

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Joshua Price

Joshua J. Price was elected President of the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) in 2021. A specialist member and former Board member of CDLA, Joshua has a robust track record with over a decade in DUI defense, handling more than 2000 cases and saving over 100 driver’s licenses. His experience is widely recognized, having been awarded a 10/10 “Superb” rating by AVVO and receiving the “Client’s Choice Award” for five consecutive years, demonstrating his exceptional client service and legal prowess. 

Joshua’s career highlights include rigorous engagement with DUI law, from defending high-stakes cases to educating other attorneys statewide through seminars and presentations on DUI defense strategies. As President of CDLA, Price continues to influence the DUI defense landscape in California.

6. Bradley Corbett – The Law Office of Bradley Corbett

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Bradley Corbett

Bradley R. Corbett, a prominent criminal defense attorney based in Vista, began his legal journey as a juror in a criminal case during his senior year in high school. This experience ignited his passion for criminal defense, leading him to pursue a career as a trial attorney.

Upon graduating from law school, Bradley joined San Diego’s most prominent criminal defense firm, handling a wide array of cases. Known for his passionate advocacy and tireless work ethic, Bradley has successfully taken numerous cases to trial, securing not-guilty verdicts across every courthouse in San Diego County. 

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Kerry L. Armstrong


Attorney Kerry Armstrong opened up his law firm in June 2007. Mr. Armstrong attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California, and received his B.S. from Middle Tennessee State University. Kerry L. Armstrong became certified by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization for criminal law in August 2020, making him one of the few criminal defense attorneys with a criminal law legal specialization certificate in San Diego County.  Between 2014 – 2019, Mr. Armstrong was selected for inclusion in the California Super Lawyers list, an honor only awarded to 5% of the nation’s attorneys.

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