Crime in the Age of Technology: When Criminals Must Become Smarter to Commit Crimes

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Technology and the internet age combined, have created a different criminal world than what we may have seen sixty years ago. Consider that when robbing a house, robbers have no idea whether there are hidden video cam recorders in the house that will see everything the robber does, once inside. Video feed can be received halfway across the world as the homeowner checks in to see that everything is alright in the house.

You Cannot Hide

If there is a motion detector installed in the house that sends a notification to the homeowner, then that person can check in from anywhere in the world, to see what is going on and call the police to the house. Either that or the security company has already sent the police there, based on the video feed they got from the house.

Stealing Front Door Packages

Many neighborhoods and their residents are now installing outdoor video cams so that there is a recording of whoever comes to the front or back door, or even the side windows. The robber is being recorded while she or he jimmies the window lock to get it loose and slide up.

While the house cams are videoing the robber, so are the neighbor’s video cams. There is nowhere safe for robbers anymore. They even need getaway cars because if they run down the street, neighborhood video cams record them all the way down.

Then there are those robbers who live to steal people’s Amazon packages from the front door. They do it at night. They do it during the day in bright sunlight, in full view of the video cam, recording every feature of that robber’s face.

Revenge – The Pranks

There are funny videos on social media showing how residents have pranked the robbers. Instead of stealing a package of goodies, the package blows outwards, spilling green powder all over the robber. He (or she) must run for their life while trying to clean up at the same time unless it is permanent ink like what the banks use on packaged money.

While such packages are not a good idea to use, as robbers could decide to sue you for emotional trauma, the video is still vastly entertaining. Be sure your property insurance is paid up if you decide to prank your robbers.

Drone Surveillance

These drones come in all shapes and sizes. You need a fly on the wall? Well, there is one. It may cost a pretty penny, but you can get one. They are tiny and cute. They can also follow the robber all the way home, riding on the top of the robber’s hat or shoulder. It makes the police officers’ jobs easier. They know right where to go.

Voice-activated Command Centers

Those are on the market too and easy to purchase. Alexa and other types. But, remember that these are voice-command activated. Robbers should beware because these command centers can turn lights on and off, lock up the house so the robber cannot get out, or turn on the coffee thinking the robber might like some. It will also record the robber’s voice too. Yes, it is a different world for the robber today.

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