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Most people would rather do anything than go to jail. This is understandable, as the loss of one’s freedom is a harrowing prospect. Fortunately, however, an alternative form of punishment exists that allows offenders to stay out of jail. Below is an overview of house arrest in California.


What is house arrest?


House arrest, also called home confinement, enables offenders to serve their sentences at home rather than in jail. However, if you’ve been convicted of a crime, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible for house arrest:


  • You are a nonviolent, low-risk offender,
  • You are facing a county jail sentence,
  • You have not been prohibited from house arrest by the judge in your case,
  • You live in or near the county that you received your sentence,
  • You have a working phone in your home,
  • You agree to the conditions and terms of house arrest, and
  • You pay a fee based on your ability to do so.


Is House Arrest a Good Choice?


While house arrest may give offenders the opportunity to avoid jail, it isn’t for everyone. Below are some of the pros and cons of house arrest in California.

House arrest will enable offenders to serve their sentences at home



  • House arrest allows you to serve your sentence in the comfort of your own home.
  • You may be permitted to work or attend school while under house arrest.
  • House arrest allows you to be visited by or live with friends and family.
  • You may be permitted to attend and complete court-ordered programs while under house arrest.




  • House arrest usually requires you to stay in your home during certain time periods.
  • As mentioned above, house arrest has a financial cost. Specifically, house arrest in California will cost you between $12 and $15 per day.
  • As opposed to jail, you aren’t eligible for sentence reduction due to good behavior while under house arrest.
  • While under house arrest, you are required to wear an electronic monitoring device that tracks your movement.
  • You will be assigned a probation officer while under house arrest, and you must report to him or her periodically.
  • If you violate the conditions of your house arrest, you may be arrested and sentenced to jail.


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