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Before someone is charged with a crime, he or she must first be investigated. During this process, typically known as the pre-filing investigation, an investigator examines a suspect’s case to determine if the available evidence is strong enough to officially file charges. If you believe that you are being investigated for a crime, the most important thing you can do is hire a San Diego criminal defense attorney.


But if criminal charges haven’t been filed, why should I hire an attorney?


There are a number of reasons to hire an attorney before official charges have been filed, including:


  • An experienced criminal defense lawyer will handle all communications with law enforcement officials on your behalf. It isn’t unusual for investigators to ask a suspect questions during the early stages of an investigation. And many suspects believe that they are required to speak to law enforcement during this period. This isn’t the case, however, and this belief can result in voluntary statements that are later used against criminal suspects at trial. The potential consequences associated with giving a statement to the police makes legal representation imperative during the early stages of a criminal investigation.

If you think that you are being investigated for a crime, hire a criminal defense attorney

  • A San Diego criminal defense attorney will protect your rights. Most people are unaware of their rights during a criminal investigation. In fact, some people believe that the law offers no protection to criminal suspects until they’ve been officially charged. This isn’t true, and an experienced criminal defense attorney will ensure that your rights aren’t violated during a criminal investigation.


  • An experienced California attorney will work to prevent or reduce criminal charges. During a pre-filing investigation, charges have not yet been filed. This gives criminal defense attorneys the opportunity to convince the authorities to forgo or reduce criminal charges. There are a number of ways that experienced criminal defense attorneys go about this, including:


– Presenting new facts that demonstrate the suspect is not guilty of the crime or is guilty of a lesser crime.


– Gathering information about the alleged victim of the crime in order to question his or her credibility.


– Attempting to demonstrate the weakness of the prosecutor’s evidence in order to convince the authorities to forgo charges.


San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers

Due to the potential consequences involved, it is important that anyone being investigated for a crime in San Diego, California, seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, our experienced criminal defense attorneys provide all of our clients with expert legal guidance in order to achieve the most favorable results possible. The talent and experience of our San Diego, California, attorneys ensure that our clients’ cases are handled expertly and with the utmost care. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges of any kind in California, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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