Can Victims of Domestic Abuse Drop the Charges In California?

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If your significant other calls the police to report domestic abuse, they might not realize that this call sets in motion events that are likely to result in you going to jail.

This is true even if the accuser does not want you arrested. Now you face serious criminal allegations that carry severe consequences.

Your partner might never have wanted it to go this far in the first place, or maybe the two of you have reconciled.

As a result, your partner might wonder how to drop charges against someone for domestic violence. 

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Can You Drop Domestic Violence Charges?

No provision in California’s domestic violence law gives an alleged victim of domestic violence the right to drop the charges.

You might wonder why this is true, as it doesn’t make sense to many people. Simply put, the domestic abuse victim is a witness for the prosecution–sometimes the only one.

The District Attorney’s Office, meaning the prosecutor, controls the prosecution. Only they can decide whether or not they want to dismiss charges.

And once a case is in their hands, if they have a way to go forward, they usually do. Not even the judge can dismiss the charges if the alleged victim asks them to.

A judge can only dismiss criminal charges if there is a legal basis for dismissal—and the request of the victim is not a legal basis.

Good prosecutors will analyze the situation and consider the alleged victim’s wishes when deciding whether or not to push the case to trial.

However, the alleged victim’s wishes do not determine how the prosecution does its job. Skilled domestic violence prosecutors know how to handle uncooperative or reluctant victims.

They know that sometimes they can go forward, even without the alleged victim’s testimony.

Therefore, they will look for evidence outside of the victim’s testimony, and if such evidence exists, they can move forward with the case even if the victim does not want to testify. 

Why do they do this? Prosecutors often view a victim’s dismissal request skeptically.

They often believe the request comes from manipulation, intimidation, threats, or coercion from the defendant or his/her family.

Further, no prosecutor wants to dismiss a domestic violence case only to learn that another attack occurred. 

When Can You Drop Domestic Abuse Charges?

Just because the alleged victim cannot dismiss the charges does not mean that domestic abuse cases never get dismissed.

In fact, more domestic violence cases get dismissed than any other type of crime. 

Having a fierce and reputable advocate by your side to argue forcefully on your behalf might give you the edge you need to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges.

A knowledgeable and resourceful criminal defense lawyer can often find a legal reason for the judge or prosecutor to dismiss the case. 

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Do You Need to Know More About How To Drop Charges Against Someone For Domestic Violence?

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