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Terms like “prostitute” and “John” are historically used to describe those who offer sexual services and those who pay for those services.

There have always been moral debates regarding whether prostitution should be legal or criminal if only adults are involved.

However, there is no debate of this in California courts.

All across the state, including in San Diego County, prostitution is illegal.

If our justice system has charged you with prostitution in San Diego County, you should contact our office.

You face criminal charges that can impact you legally, socially, and perhaps in terms of employment.

The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, attorneys have tried nearly 150 jury trials, and they know how to address San Diego County prostitution arrests.

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How Do the Courts Define Prostitution in San Diego County?

There are ample regulations regarding prostitution in our state’s criminal code.

By law in California, prostitution occurs when an individual solicits or agrees to engage in, or participates in, any act of prostitution (lewd or sexual act) with the intent to receive compensation, money, or anything of value from another person.

There need not be any actual physical activity for a charge of prostitution. If the act is requested or agreed to, and there is an indication that some pay would be exchanged, there may be a valid charge of prostitution. Whether the services are actually provided is largely irrelevant under the law.

The statutes that define prostitution are pages long.

Below, the sex crimes lawyers at the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, explain the laws and your charges and defend you against them.

Are San Diego County Prostitution Arrests Made Public?

In San Diego, prostitution arrests are not uncommon.

But that does not make it any easier for individuals facing charges.

San Diego County prostitution arrests often leave the offender feeling embarrassed and fearful that their friends, family, or co-workers will be made aware of their arrest.

Arrests are part of the public record and at times are broadcast by the local media.

However, mounting a defense quickly and with quality representation can limit the arrest’s impact and the likelihood of discovery by others.

The sooner your arrest is resolved, the sooner you can put it behind you.

Should I Get a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have been charged with prostitution in San Diego County, you face a criminal charge and need an attorney.

A conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record.

A highly-proficient attorney can offer the services you need for a vigorous and thorough defense.

Here are just a few of the important items your attorney will tackle.

Accuracy of the Charges 

A consensual intimate act between two adults is not criminal as long as no compensation is exchanged or contemplated.

A lawyer will apply this fact to a San Diego County prostitution charge.

If the lawyer can prove a lack of any of the elements of prostitution law (i.e., compensation, solicitation, or agreement), the San Diego County prostitution charge may be dropped.

Police Conduct 

There are long-standing laws governing the rights individuals have with respect to investigations, arrests, and interrogations.

Violation of any of these by law-enforcement can lead to the prosecution dropping charges or the court dismissing specific evidence.

Plea Deals, Court, and Sentencing

Even if you did commit prostitution in San Diego County and want to accept responsibility, you should have a lawyer help you through the process. 

Do not plead guilty or attempt to fight the charge without an attorney. The attorney can negotiate a deal for you to perhaps plead to a lesser charge and seek a more lenient sentence.

They may also be able to appear in court on your behalf so that you need not attend a hearing.

If the case does go to trial, attorneys will use their vast courtroom experience to defend you.

The prostitution lawyers at The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, are strong negotiators and excellent trial advocates.

They also are compassionate and understand the unique stress San Diego County prostitution arrests cause the alleged offender.

You do not need to handle this alone when you can have the compassionate support and legal backing of the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC.

What Are Some Defenses to San Diego County Prostitution Charges?

Police stings—operations designed to catch a person committing a crime—are often part of San Diego County prostitution police investigations.

Often, undercover agents pose as prostitutes to catch offenders.

These actions by police are not in and of themselves improper.

However, the law does not allow the police to entice or trick someone into committing a crime—this is known as entrapment.

For example, if you were sitting alone at a bar when an undercover officer approaches you and offers to perform a sex act for money, this could be considered entrapment.

Time and again, attorneys successfully argue entrapment as a primary defense to prostitution.

The other primary defense is that there was no compensation involved.

Even if a known prostitute or a person previously arrested for solicitation was involved in a sexual act or agreement to perform a sexual act, the prosecution must still prove that the actors agreed or intended that the act be compensated.

A lack of payment is a usual and robust defense, especially if there is no proof of money or items changing hands.

These are just two of the many defenses the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, may use.

We know how to fight charges and will use every available defense to battle for you.

What Are the Punishments for a Conviction of Prostitution in San Diego County?

A conviction for prostitution in San Diego County is a misdemeanor.

The court may sentence you to:

  • Probation,
  • A term of imprisonment in county jail, 
  • A fine, and
  • Restriction of vehicle use, if the crime took place in a motor vehicle, near a private residence.

If you have a prior conviction for prostitution in San Diego County, the court will likely order some jail time.

How Do I Find a Good Attorney for My Charge of Prostitution in San Diego County?

San Diego County prostitution defense attorneys are criminal defense attorneys.

Therefore, you want to find a prostitution defense lawyer who is:

  • Board-certified by the State Bar of California as a legal specialist in criminal law, and 
  • Experienced in handling San Diego County prostitution arrests specifically.

The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, is a firm that checks both of these boxes.

Attorney Kerry L. Armstrong holds the criminal law specialist certification and the firm has a history of providing aggressive, successful, and discreet representation to clients who have been charged with prostitution in San Diego County.

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They lead the way at the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC, advocating for those charged with a crime by providing excellent defenses and mandating that the judicial system treat each person fairly.

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